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ZXCVBNN Rotating Mop 360 Degree Rotating Sweep Free Hand Wash with Bucket Mop for Home Store Cleaning Flat Mop - B09F3Q3Y8DU

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  • ★(Mop material): It is made of stainless steel barrel, which is more durable and durable. It has strong bearing capacity, no rust, no deformation, microfiber mop, good water absorption and strong decontamination.

  • ★(Mop design): One-hand automatic dehydration, automatic rebound, easy to squeeze water, lock button switch, press down, easy to wipe, no need to twist, protect hands

  • ★(Mop function): 360 degree rotating tractor, automatic rebound after pressing, spring automatically rebounds, lifting the mop, the bottom plate automatically rebounds, sensitive and fast, convenient and labor-saving, deep and narrow space

  • ★(Motor scope): It can be stored upright and save space. It is used for wood floor, floor tile, tile floor tile wall surface, glass surface cleaning, car cleaning and other scene cleaning.

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  • Product Description
    Multi-functional hand-washing mop, erecting water, mopping the floor more labor-saving, stainless steel rod design, convenient storage, space saving, fast absorption, that is, dry and dry, practical for wooden floors, floor tiles, glass surface cleaning, ground scraping and many other scenes clean
    Product Name: Hand-free mop
    Mop material: PVA high density cotton
    Rod material: stainless steel
    Squeeze method: Folding type
    Corrosion resistance: 10
    The weight of the mop rod: 10KG or more
    Dehydration rate: 90% (including) - 100% (including)
    Mop size:
    Mop bar: 125-135cm
    Mop bucket size: 21.6X16.5X31.6cm
    Scope: living room, kitchen, bathroom, study, bedroom, office
    1. One hole is dried and one hole is fresh;
    2. Up and down three times, quickly remove the water stains, lengthen the debar length 1.28m;
    3. Automatic retraction, easy to operate;
    4.360° flexible rotation, no dead corners;
    4. Portable hand-held, non-slip design;
    5. Increase the widened carriage, Velcro design, double drainage design, bottom drain design.★welcome to our shop. The quality of our products has been strictly inspected, and you deserve it. I wish you a happy life

    ZXCVBNN Rotating Mop 360 Degree Rotating Sweep Free Hand Wash with Bucket Mop for Home Store Cleaning Flat Mop - B09F3Q3Y8DU

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