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ZXCVBNN Mop -360 Spin Bucket System Mop with Extended Length Handle Stainless Steel Basket 2 Microfiber Mop Heads - B09F3FCXDVU

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  • **Rotating the mop head: You can easily and comfortably reach under the sofa or window to protect your neck and back from bending and bending.

  • **Hand-drying design: avoid contact with dirty water, wet and dry, extremely clean, seamless, safe, versatile, versatile (can be used for different cleaning purposes, such as residential or commercial, public spaces, such as various floors, glass , windows, car wash and wax, any corner, etc.).

  • **Lightweight, not heavy: you can easily move from one room to another. Easy to store.

  • **Stainless steel dewatering basket: higher dehydration rate, stainless steel mesh design, dynamic, fast dehydration, stainless steel corrosion resistant, easy to clean

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  • Make cleaning easier and cleaner
    Color: as shown
    Mop type: single barrel rotary mop
    Mop material: microfiber
    Corrosion resistance: 10
    Drive type: dual drive
    Mop bar material: stainless steel
    Load capacity of the mop rod: greater than 10kg
    Dehydration rate 90%-100%
    Accessories: barrel + mop rod + 2 cotton head+Metal basket
    Barrel 28*28 CM + rod 105-131CM+ not 36CM
    Function: Suitable for wooden floors, floor tiles, wall tiles
    The benefits of hand-pressed good God drag:
    ● No need to step on the foot, no power supply; lightly press the pole, easy to dehydrate, not dirty your jade hands, no effort.
    ● Eliminates the mechanical sound caused by the rotation of the gear due to the pedal.
    ● Solve the problem of pedals such as gear damage or spring failure to reset, thus eliminating the cost and effort of repairing the pedal.
    ● The dewatering bucket has overcome the sloshing defects during dehydration and has good stability.
    ●The pole is made of thick stainless steel tube, which is made of shrink-fitting and socket-type connection, which is safe and durable.
    1. One hole is dried and one hole is fresh;
    2. Up and down three times, quickly remove the water stains, lengthen the debar length 1.28m;
    3. Automatic retraction, easy to operate;
    4.360° flexible rotation, no dead corners;
    4. Portable hand-held, non-slip design;
    5. Increase the widened carriage, Velcro design, double drainage design, bottom drain design.★welcome to our shop. The quality of our products has been strictly inspected, and you deserve it. I wish you a happy life

    ZXCVBNN Mop -360 Spin Bucket System Mop with Extended Length Handle Stainless Steel Basket 2 Microfiber Mop Heads - B09F3FCXDVU

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