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Vileda DUAC TIVA Broom with 3 Handle 2 in 1 Dustpan and Brush Set - B01IV3VYLGE

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  • Thorough removal of dirt and dust

  • Duac TIVA indoor broom with brush on one and micro foam on the other side

  • Shaking up the dust nicht auf

  • Perfect suitable for allergy sufferers

  • Soft dustpan & brush set for easy and thorough removal of dust and crumbs without leaving any residue

  • Product Description

    The set consists of a DuActiva broom with three-piece handle and a 2-in-1 sweeping set. This gives you the ideal set to cover the entire process of sweeping: DuActiva broom is used to absorb dust and protection – clean joints. 2-in-1 dustpan set is suitable for easy and thorough catching on the sheet.

    Description of the individual components of the set:
    DuActiva broom:
    The DuActiva broom combines bristles and micro-foam for a thorough removal of dust and dirt in one stroke to every corner. The fine, black bristles easily pick up all dirt particles. The thicker, red bristles ensure optimal cleaning even on corners and edges. The washable micro-foam removes dust thoroughly and without swirling. This makes the broom particularly suitable for allergy sufferers.
    The rounded rubber edges protect your furniture. For cleaning, the micro foam can be easily removed and rinsed under clear water. This guarantees hygienically clean handling. The DuActiva broom is suitable for any floor, especially uneven floors and tiles can be thoroughly swept with it.

    2-in-1 sweeping set:
    Dustpan set for effortless and thorough absorption of dust and crumbs without residue. Convincing sweeping performance thanks to 2-in-1 bristle concept. Fine, black bristles effortlessly sweep all dirt particles together. The thick, red front bristles ensure optimal cleaning of corners, joints and edges. A stable and seamless rubber lip allows for easy and thorough picking.

    Composition of brooms:
    Bristles: 100% recycled PET
    Foam: 100% polyurethane.
    Furniture protection: thermoplastic elastomers.

    Composition of sweeping 2-in-1:
    Bristles: recycled PET.

    EAN: 4023103197107

    Safety Warning


    Vileda DUAC TIVA Broom with 3 Handle 2 in 1 Dustpan and Brush Set - B01IV3VYLGE

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