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Swiffer Refill Duster Pack of 5 5 x 4 pieces - B006VAC1MIG

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99% of brands you love community recommend Swiffer dust magnet and Swiffer floor mop (418 survey participants 09/2018). The improved Swiffer dust magnet cloths include 20% more dust, hair and allergens than the previous Swiffer dust magnet. For the first time, the cloths now have a wax coating on the 3D structure, which can absorb and bind the dirt better. Our tip: Increase the service life after shaking the cloth. Say goodbye to dust, dirt and hair. Swiffer dust magnet wipes absorb and lock up to 3 times more dust and hair, which is much more thorough than a conventional duster or duster. Thanks to thousands of flexible, fluffy fibres and their light coating. The Swiffer dust magnet cloths have unique fibers that change their shape and can adapt to all corners and crevices, so that dust and hair can be absorbed from virtually any surface without spreading them throughout the house. Dust and hair like to settle on bookshelves, electrical appliances, blinds and other hard-to-reach places. But with the Swiffer dust magnet, you can easily get to hard-to-reach corners and angles. Even with animal hair, the fluffy fibres of the Swiffer dust magnet clean intelligently and efficiently. Thus, hair, along with their allergens, is thoroughly removed. Swiffer dust magnet can be used at home on any dry surface. It leaves no residue and catches dust, dirt and hair easily and efficiently.

Swiffer Refill Duster Pack of 5 5 x 4 pieces - B006VAC1MIG

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