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Spray Floor Mop Water Spraying Floor Cleaner Includes 1 Microfibre Pad - B09QYXG4ZMF

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  • THE REUSABLE HIGH QUALITY 100% microfibre cleaning fleece mop pad means there's no need for hard cleaning chemicals, just tap water if you want? Fully removable and machine washable at 40 degrees time after time again

  • SAVES YOU MONEY, Providing you with a complete mopping system, with a high performace microfibre fleece pad which is 100% reusable and machine washable, this complete spray mop system requires no battery, batteries, disposable wipes or any unfriendly cleaning chemicals. Cleaning dirt, dust, pet hair and spills from your floors more easily than ordinary traditional mops

  • SAVES YOU TIME, Microfibre flat Spray floor mop allows you to mop and or sweep clean most floor types - from your kitchen to lounge and bedroom floors, hardwood, laminate, tiles, ceramic, natural stone, vinyl or cement all with ease and without risk

  • No Mop bucket required Light easy to use, simply fill with water, spray and mop. Ideal for most floor surfaces such as tiles, vinyl, wood or stone. Large flat mopping head swivels easily to glide across your floors and reach those tricky areas. With no need for a mop bucket. Complete mop all in one The mop comes complete with a large refillable bottle so the mop is always ready to use. High quality 100% microfibre fleece mop head means there's no cleaning chemicals, just use water and let the microfibre technology do the work. Easy to use mop heads The mop comes complete with a removable and 40 degree machine washable fleece head. Simple Velcro attachment for easy changing. Spare replacement available Addis replacement Spray mop microfibre fleeces also available from .

    Spray Floor Mop Water Spraying Floor Cleaner Includes 1 Microfibre Pad - B09QYXG4ZMF

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