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Scrub-It Miracle Microfiber Kitchen Sponge by Non-Scratch Heavy Duty Dishwashing Cleaning sponges- Machine Washable Blue - B07NQQXS8DA

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  • REMOVE GREASE WITH EASE: The Miracle Sponge does the tough scouring for you to make kitchen dish washing and bathroom cleaning pleasant chore. you'll become attached to these kitchen scrubbies and even want to use them for your next car wash.

  • SUITABLE FOR ALL POTS & PANS: A scrubber sponge pad you can use on your non-stick pots and pans safely. The magic behind The Miracle microfiber sponge is that it contains no steel - so you can scrub away without harming your teflon coatings.

  • HEAVY DUTY & DURABLE: With an open mesh construction and over 100,000 fibers per square inch, The Miracle Sponge has been specially designed to be the perfect heavy duty dishwashing sponge. Use these kitchen scourers again and again and get effortlessly clean dishes every time.

  • MACHINE WASHABLE: Don't struggle with detergents and other chemicals to keep your sponges smelling fresh - simply drop these dish scrubbers pads into the washing machine for quick and easy cleaning.

  • You'll love this reusable dishwashing sponges, but if you're not happy with The Miracle Sponge's awesome cleaning power, you can return them at any time for your money back."

  • Heavy Duty, Long Lasting Microfiber Sponges The Miracle Sponge is made tough. Specially designed with over 100,000 fibers per square inch, your Miracle sponges will last you a long, long time without perishing like other cloths and scrubbers. One Sponge To Do It All Having a pot scrubber, a cloth and a sponge for dishwashing is unnecessary. Get the sponge that does it all better than the alternatives, and keep your dishwashing space neat and manageable. Cut Through Grease And Grime No need to scrub your dishes for hours. The Miracle Sponge cuts through grease and grime with a unique three part construction with an extra rough surface. Food stuck to the bottom of stainless steel or cast iron pots doesn't stand a chance against The Miracle Sponge. Chemical Free The Miracle Sponge contains no harmful chemicals or pre-inserted detergents. So you can clean away without worrying about the safety of your family. Your Satisfaction Is Guaranteed You'll love your Miracle Sponges. They'll help you cut through grease, grime, and dirt with ease - and they'll last a long time. But just in case you're not completely satisfied, return your sponges to get all your money back - no questions asked. Stop Fighting With Grease And Crime, Get The Miracle Sponge On Your Side Today

    Scrub-It Miracle Microfiber Kitchen Sponge by Non-Scratch Heavy Duty Dishwashing Cleaning sponges- Machine Washable Blue - B07NQQXS8DA

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