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Household Thickened Absorbent Rags Kitchen Supplies Non-Oily Cleaning Non-Lint-Free Towels And Rags Housework Cleaning - B097YFC8JHC

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  • ★ Ideal choice for kitchen utensils: This exquisite rag is very suitable for drying kitchen dishes and cutlery after being drained. The smooth fiber cloth is very suitable for cleaning glass surfaces, mirrors, glasses and household furniture. It can also be used to clean the sink in the bathroom. It has super absorption, anti-odor and anti-stain, and anti-bacterial No lint, no scratches, no streaks, so that all items are shiny and stain-free.

  • ★Soft cleaning cloth: This soft fabric dish cloth is also very suitable for use on sensitive surfaces. A full range of wipe cleaners. It is convenient enough to use this cleaning cloth everywhere and anywhere, from kitchen utensils and utensils to household furniture to car windows. You can use this convenient towel to wipe. This is a very useful towel.

  • ★Convenient and economical: These dish towels are washable and reusable, which can save you money on household cleaning supplies. It is not easy to tear, durable, made of natural materials, does not contain harmful chemicals or synthetic materials, and is safe for you and your family.

  • ★Super fast drying: The soothing softness of these cleaning wipes brings a fast drying quality. Whenever you wipe dishes, desktops, car interiors, consumables, equipment or other accessories, you will see that the cloth is not wet and the moisture has completely disappeared.

  • ★Do not use bleach, fabric softener and iron, as they may damage its quality. Always wash towels separately to reduce lint.

  • Use these wipes to clean and dry kitchen utensils. The ideal kitchen towel can be used not only for daily kitchen cleaning, but also for overall housekeeping work. The delicate and soft cleaning cloth makes it very suitable for wiping the dirt on glass doors and windows, TV sets, computers and laptops, and smooth furniture.
    The cloth is a soft but tough cleaning cloth. It is not easy to tear, can be washed and reused. Cost-effective household cleaning products. The all-round cloth cleaner you will love to own
    Extremely durable-can withstand hundreds of washes, and each wash will become softer. Tumble dry or air dry. For best results, it should be washed separately from other colors when first used. It can be used safely on all hard surfaces, whether wet or dry. Lint-free, streak-free, non-abrasive, can be used with water-no chemicals or paper towels required.
    Different colors, so you can use color codes for different cleaning tasks. 100% safe on all surfaces.
    In order to get the best washing effect, please wash the cleaning cloth of the same color in cold water. Very suitable for cleaning cars, trucks in garages, and home microfiber wipes on TVs, counters and other equipment are made of high-quality microfiber materials at affordable prices, but we will never compromise on quality. The sturdy microfiber fabric can support each of your household duties.

    Household Thickened Absorbent Rags Kitchen Supplies Non-Oily Cleaning Non-Lint-Free Towels And Rags Housework Cleaning - B097YFC8JHC

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