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Compostable Cling Film with Slide Cutter | 197 Square Foot Roll | Saran Wrap Alternative | Eco Friendly | BPA Free Pack of 2 - B08L7GMBJYL

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£15.80 £43.21

  • ✔️ CERTIFIED COMPOSTABLE | We’re made from corn! Don’t eat us though. Our cling wrap is worm-bin friendly and will break down under composting conditions within 90 days. Certified by TUV and DIN according to the ASTM D6400 standard.

  • ♻️ SUSTAINABLE CHOICE | Made from renewable sources such as low-grade corn and PBAT, our bags require 65% less energy to produce than regular plastics and emit 68% fewer green house gasses. Our packaging is recyclable. From earth, to earth.

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