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Accessories for universal household vacuum cleaners also usable in industrial vacuum cleaners - B07YXF9CKCA

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  • Suitable for domestic vacuum cleaners and industrial vacuums.

  • The kit consists of 10 parts: large brush with white bristles, variable angle brush, flat nozzle, grooved nozzle, 2 universal connectors for measurements from 37 mm to 41.5 mm (adaptor for petrol stations and wash centres) and 4 adapters/reducers from 35 to 32 mm for household vacuum cleaners

  • This set of nozzles, brushes and accessories is the only one on the market that can also be used in petrol stations vacuum cleaners thanks to the special connector designed for this function.

  • Includes reducers/adapters for use in domestic vacuum cleaners measuring 35 mm and 32 mm in diameter. Industrial measurements from 37 mm to 41.5 mm

  • Accessories for the general public, to optimise the suction in petrol station, wash centres and traditional household vacuum cleaners

  • This 10 piece accessory kit is a set of brushes, adapters and suction nozzles designed for convenient and quick cleaning of your home that now includes a special connector compatible with industrial vacuum cleaners of service stations and washing centers. Vacuum cleaners with measurements from 32 to 41.5 mm in diameter. Don't vacuum your car with a simple cut plastic hose. Take advantage of the full power of petrol stations vacuums with the brush and nozzle most suitable for every task with the included universal service station connector. Ideal for cleaning of: upholstery, air conditioning vents, dashboard, under seats, mats and floor, roof, trunk, hinges, etc. With the four brushes in the set, you can vacuum the entire interior of the car with the right tool. NOVELTY - Now you can also take advantage of your existing brushes and nozzles at home with our general connector for vacuum cleaners. Vacuum cleaners at the service stations are the most powerful vacuum cleaner on the market, and with our special connection designed for such effect, you will be able to suck up even the dirt contained in the depth of the tissues and any other contaminants that cause allergies and diseases. This kit is not suitable for "broom" type vacuum cleaners.

    Accessories for universal household vacuum cleaners also usable in industrial vacuum cleaners - B07YXF9CKCA

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